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The Run Smarter Podcast

Feb 20, 2022

(Description from the Everyday Ultra podcast with host Joe Corcione)

It’s never fun dealing with injuries when it comes to ultrarunning; especially when it prevents us from doing the things we love to do the most.

That’s why I invited today’s guest, Brodie Sharpe, onto the show to give you an absolute masterclass in preventing and rehabbing running-related injuries. And when it comes to this subject, there’s no better person to go to than Brodie!

Brodie is a renowned physiotherapist who, over the last 8 years, has helped hundreds of runners repair and reduce running-related injuries. He is also the host of the Run Smarter Series Podcast, a show dedicated to helping you become a better and healthier runner. His podcast is ranked in the top 1.5% of podcasts globally.

Before this podcast interview, I personally worked with Brodie to heal an awful IT-Band injury I had that was preventing me from running. But, with Brodie’s incredible insight and coaching, I was able to heal the injury in 4 weeks (whereas it took me 3 months to heal the same injury when I had it a couple of years ago). Brodie is the real deal!

In this episode, Brodie and I chat about the biggest mistakes and misconceptions that people have when it comes to injuries, what steps you can take to make sure you reduce the risk of injury, and the most impactful ways to sustainably rehab injuries so you can get back to running.

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