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The Run Smarter Podcast

Apr 25, 2021

Today Brodie has Matt Phillips on the show to share his expertise around running injuries. Matt is a Running Injury & Performance Specialist and a past strength & conditioning coach. He is the host on the RunChatLive website, podcast & YouTube channel and creator of the RCL international running conference. 

Even with emerging evidence and more clarity around running injuries, runners are still getting injured at very high rates! But why?!! 

Brodie and Matt have a casual conversation and share their ideas around this problem. Are therapists to blame? Is there a miscommunication between runner and therapist? Is it due to the mindset of the runner? We cover all these angles.

Lastly, we shift our attention away from 'why are runners getting injured' and focus on 'once injured, why is it so hard for some to return to pain free running'. 

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