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The Run Smarter Podcast

Dec 23, 2021

The podcast is celebrating 200 episodes with a special Q&A!

Brodie talks about the success and growth of the podcast over the past 100 episodes and answers four questions from listeners:

  1. How do you plan a speed goal (5K PB) and a marathon goal at the same time? Is it possible and wise to concurrently train for both of these at once? If it is okay to train for both how should I implement a strategy?
  2. When recovering from an injury and returning to running, what is the best marker? Should I track my progress via distance covered or time on feet?
  3. Is there a correlation between calf/Achilles tendinopathy and weakness in the surrounding structures? If so how should this influence rehabilitation?
  4. My therapist has diagnosed me with hip drop. Subsequently, they have prescribed single-leg squats and encouraged me to drive my leg through when running which I find uncomfortable. What is hip drop and will strengthening the muscles help correct this?

Tune in to hear Brodie's thoughts on the above questions. 

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