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The Run Smarter Podcast

Sep 12, 2021

Brodie dives into a 2005 review paper by Gary A Knutson titled: 'Anatomic and functional leg-length inequality: A review and recommendation for clinical decision-making'.

In part 1 of this 2 parter, Brodie will talk about:

  1. The prevalence of leg-length difference: How common is it amongst the population, and out of those with a leg difference, what is the average in discrepancy?
  2. The effects of lower leg discrepancy: If one were to have a difference in leg length, does this lead to pain? Does it lead to postural defects? What are the compensations that are occurring? 
  3. How much of a lower leg difference is clinically significant? If someone where to present with pain, dysfunction and disability due to different leg lengths, how large does the difference need to be? 

Brodie then summarises the episode and includes his perspective on the relevance within the running community. 

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