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The Run Smarter Podcast

Feb 27, 2022

Eric Hegedus is a Professor, physical therapist, clinician, scientist and researcher. We discuss his paper titled: 'Physical performance tests predict injury in national collegiate athletic association athletes: a 3-season prospective cohort study'.

This paper had athletes of all sports go through a series of active...

Feb 24, 2022

Matt is a repeat guest from the Doctors of running and a running shoe fanatic!

Our discussion on today's episode starts with shoe expiry dates. Matt gives his opinion on when it is time to buy new running shoes and what variables play a role in running shoe wear and tear.

Next, we explore the different features of a...

Feb 20, 2022

(Description from the Everyday Ultra podcast with host Joe Corcione)

It’s never fun dealing with injuries when it comes to ultrarunning; especially when it prevents us from doing the things we love to do the most.

That’s why I invited today’s guest, Brodie Sharpe, onto the show to give you an absolute masterclass...

Feb 17, 2022

Today, Brodie answers these listener questions:

1.) "If an experienced runner is forced into taking downtime for either an unrelated injury, illness, or just life getting in the way for an extended period of time, how slow should the “come back” be when they start running again?"

2.) "Can you highlight some...

Feb 13, 2022

Today, Brodie answers these listener questions:

1.) Is running on asphalt harmful?

2.) For easy runs/base training does HR have to be aerobic zone (eg. on Garmin watch)?

3.) Should I trust my Garmin? Recovery time is whack and I feel great when it says I need rest.

4.) Should those with a lot of experience in both the...