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The Run Smarter Podcast

Jul 25, 2021

As we learnt from our discussion in Part 1 (Episode #133), epigenetics can interact with your DNA and genes in order to activate & deactivate your blueprint. Even though your DNA is hardwired, the cell's characteristics & function can change based around your epigenetics.

In part 2 we get practical! Brodie is joined once again by Dr Cam McDonald who is a lecturer, dietician & exercise physiologist. Also joining us are two other podcast listeners James and Darren.

Brodie, James & Darren have all completed their epigenetic testing online and Cam has come onto the show to discuss our results. We dive into ways each of us can tweek our strength training, diet, sleep and other aspects of our lives in order to train smarter & thrive the way our blueprint is set.

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