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The Run Smarter Podcast

Mar 6, 2022

Brodie Chats with Podiatrist, researcher & podcast host Ian Griffiths about different running foot conditions and answers your patron questions:
1.) Big toe OA: 
Patron question: Any tips for managing great toe arthritis? Also, can the loss of function due to this condition create problems elsewhere? 
2.) Sinus Tarsi syndrome:
Patron question: Are there any management recommendations for sinus tarsi syndrome?
3.) Plantar plate:
Patron question: What is your take on strengthening/rehab for plantar plate injuries?
4.) Fat Pad pain:
Patron question: Is it possible to increase the thickness of fat pads on feet or at least prevent a decrease with age? 
5.) Morton's neuroma: 
Patron question: Are there any exercises that are likely to aggravate Morton's neuroma?
Other patron Qs:
"I have a couple of distinct pains in my feet. When I am running there is no pain, post-run - hours later, I have a strong burning to the side of each foot and heels. 
"What foot exercises, if any does Ian recommend for persistent Achilles Tendinopathy?"
"What does Ian recommend for footwear outside of running from an injury prevention standpoint"
"I constantly get sore toes (aching). I have plenty of toe room, shoes are good length/width, I have changed shoes with the same outcome".
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