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The Run Smarter Podcast

Feb 18, 2021

On today's success story we have Mark Mulray who was battling Plantar Fasciitis for several months before finding what worked and what didn't work. Mark tried changing shoes, cross-training and had every variation of massage ball and ice bottle under his desk at work.

Mark Mulray shares his treatment process that allowed him to not only kick his plantar fasciitis, but go on to finish an ironman and 100 mile races. 

During these success story segments, Brodie interviews a runner who has managed to overcome a running related injury after much hardship and frustration.

When injured, it is easy to find social media posts & stories from other injured runners which are discouraging and worrying. Tales of chronic pain, debilitating symptoms and failed treatment techniques often manifest anxiety and thoughts of the worst outcome.

However, this is only a small fraction of runners and a skewed bias around the injured population. So, this segment aims to bring hope and optimism, while sharing treatment success. 

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