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The Run Smarter Podcast

Mar 20, 2022

Today we have coach Campbell Maffett on to answer a few Q&A's from previous episodes. Campbell has been coaching for over fifteen years which includes a level 2 advanced recreational running, world Athletics Level 3 Middle & Long Distance and a Triathlon Australian Level 2 performance coaching qualification.

Campbell coaches the 'Love the Run' group ( and a free kids run group called Kids Run Club (

I throw four questions to Campbell from past Q&A episodes to gain his insight. Here are the questions way cover on today's episode:

1.) How do you plan a speed goal and a marathon goal at the same time?

2.) Can low-intensity cross-training be considered in the 80/20 intensity distribution rule?

3.) What exercises can help increase uphill running?

4.) What are the advantages and disadvantages of running shorter distances more often versus longer distances less often for injury prevention and marathon preparation?

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