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The Run Smarter Podcast

Jun 24, 2021

Today, Brodie talks to Emma Brockwell during a FaceBook live within the podcast patron FB group. Emma is a Women's Health Physiotherapist who specialises in post natal rehabilitation. She has written for Women's Running & Women's Health Magazine along with co-authoring research papers, authoring her book 'Why did no one tell me" and co-hosting the At your cervix podcast.

We touch on the considerations a runner needs to be aware of during pregnancy, along with the physiological, hormonal and systematic changes. Emma talks about the changes to heart rate, respiratory rate, water retention, posture & ligament structure.

Emma then talks about the importance of running and keeping active throughout the entire pregnancy process for the health of the expected mother & for her baby.

We then shift gears to focus on menopause and Emma shares her knowledge around running, strength training during this phase of life.

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