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The Run Smarter Podcast

Oct 17, 2021

Elliot White is a PT and author of ‘The 1% Phenomenon of Running’ which teaches you how to fast-track your performance without overtraining. 

On today’s episode Brodie talks with Elliot about running motivation. We explore several situations in which a runner may lose motivation and how to combat it with practical take-aways.

Running situations that we cover include poor weather, battling the time of day, the grueling pointy end of a race prep, moments of increased stress, lacking running goals and lacking running variety. 

Elliot's wisdom and enthusiasm shines throughout this episode and is a great episode if you are looking for a shot of running motivation.

Click here for Elliots website 1% Coach and his book.

Be sure to check Elliot out on instagram @_elliotwhite  

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