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The Run Smarter Podcast

Jan 1, 2023

In this Q&A Brodie answers the following questions:

  1. I had a run/walk progression question. I’m currently up to 8 run walk reps with 30 seconds for run and 75 for walking. Soon, I would like to increase the run time beyond 30 seconds. How much of an increase do you think is sensible? And when I do it, should I reduce the reps or increase the walk time so that I don’t overload the tendon?

  2. About how long does strength training take to show any results in running? How many hours a week of strength training would you recommend?
  3. I have a treadmill that has adjustable cushioning. I usually run barefoot on it. Is it more beneficial to have it on a firmer setting?
  4. Any advice on keeping the higher Cadence when running slow? I seem to speed up to keep up my cadence around 170.

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