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The Run Smarter Podcast

Dec 21, 2020

Dr. Carl Foster is an Exercise Physiologist in the Department of Exercise & Sports Science. He has published close to 500 clinical papers on clinical physiology including 'Prevention, Diagnosis & Treatment of Over-training syndrome: Joint Consensus Statement'.

Following a quote from Shona Halson 'There's a belief out there that you can't over-train, you can only under-recover', Carl dives into this training trap that slowly morphs into overtraining syndrome.

Dr. Foster also helps highlight the difference between functional & non-functional over-reaching within your running, along with the differences in symptoms. Carl also does an excellent job at explaining the course of treatment and even prevention strategies.

This was an entertaining interview as Dr. Foster's passion on the topic takes us through historic stories and interesting facts all about our current understanding of overtraining syndrome. 

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