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The Run Smarter Podcast

Mar 13, 2022

Jen had been battling plantar fasciitis after building up her running mileage in 2016. What followed was a prolonged, frustrating process of self-treatment including a foot boot, night splint, ice, foam rolling, stretches and orthotics. 

In 2019, Jen finally had her injury assessed and treated by a health professional but symptoms still lingered for another few years. Medical attention called for an x-ray, cortisone injection, strengthening, dry needling and strength training.

After a lengthy process, Jen shares the moment your recovery finally turned a corner and the aspects of her rehabilitation that created the positive result. 

Jen is back to running 25 miles per week and has completed two half marathons with ironman ambitions. Hear her mistakes and the major influences of her success. 

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