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The Run Smarter Podcast

Dec 10, 2020

We continue our recovery month with interviewing Chris Schneider. A PhD student in Athlete monitoring & heart rate measures. Chris has contributed to several scientific papers relating to this topic including his leading author contributions in the paper 'Heart rate monitoring in team sports - A conceptual framework for contextualizing heart rate measures for training and recovery prescription'. 

I chat with Chris about the relevance of heart rate for the recreational runner and where the current science sits on its accuracy. 

We then dive into factors that can influence your heart rate and when you should be cautious with interpreting this data to make smarter training decisions. 

Finally, Chris shares his views on the practical implications of heart rate monitoring for the recreational runner, whether it be during exercise, or during recovery. 

This episode ties in well with our last episode interviewing Simon Wegerif on Heart rate variability and the clinical relevance of its data. 

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