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The Run Smarter Podcast

Apr 17, 2022

Chad Miller was battling niggles and struggling to see performance gains with his running schedule. After jumping on a free injury chat with me, he learnt the principles of a well-balanced training plan.

Six weeks later I received this message:

“Hi brodie. I wanted to send a huge thank you for our webchat a month or so ago. I've been using the excel log chart and my running has massively improved. I am injury and niggle free and for the first time since I started running in 2018. I raced ten kilometres last week and came within eight seconds of a PR without planning it and having more in the tank. I'm only halfway through my training block with this approach but it's really been a game-changer. At forty-two years old I am achieving a lot more than I did in my peak years”.

I got Chad on to talk about his process including his past training philosophy, his current process and the keys to his success.

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